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Everything about me #

About me #

I am Kenny Hui (Better known as LX86). I sometimes code stuff, whether you like it or not.
I like learning new technologies, especially at the software side of things, and I am an absolute horror when it comes to managing stuff, whether it's within my computer or IRL.
If not saddened I am at least rather disappointed on how the modern web has became.

Coming from Hong Kong, now supposedly 18 y/o :D

If I sounds familiar to you then that's probably because I had taken part in other communities (e.g. Minecraft Transit Railway, OpenBVE), but as time passes I am just not as interested or not wanting to be involved on most of them for various reasons.

Now leave me alone and let me work on my small personal projects :P

If you have anything to ask me (As long as it isn't sensitive info), please do! I am equally as interested of someone wanting to learn more about me.
Preferably via Email so that I can reply a thousand words back to you if I want to, but if you are more comfortable on Discord then yeah I do have one as well:
(unwillingly gives out the tag) LX86#2271

For the work I've done so far please check out my main site because that's the only way I can get people to visit my website... oh wait you came from there?

About this blog #

Here I document some of the more interesting/niches things, discoveries, and occasionally some of my stories.
I don't get the energy to write blogs all day long, but I hope that one day someone will find my website and have something useful to take away from it, or at least have a better understanding of me in general.

And a reminder (again) that I am not an native english speaker. I am really bad at formulating long sentences and I do apologize if some of the wording used are a bit weird.

This blog is originally based on Beautiful Jekyll hosted on GitHub page, but later moved to Eleventy for performant reason. (And also slightly more familiarity)

About my PC #

Pretty decent hardware if you ask me :P