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I rebuilt this blog

Yes this is my new blog. If it doesn't make you clear that I am not a designer then I don't know what does.

You might have also noticed a few new post, as I pretty much abandoned my old blog's repo and I was writing posts on this new blog instead.
Unfortunately I was struggling to get this site to look decent (Eventually gave up) and at last it took me way longer to roll this out than I'd like to.

Why rebuild? The previous site is based on Beautiful Jekyll, a blogging template that uses GitHub pages to host the blog. For starters I think it's great and it makes blogging more accessible than ever. You get all your RSS feed, a proper looking blog page, comment section etc by only tweaking a few keys in the yaml file. However overtime as I "attempt" to add my own stuff this has became an inconsistent mess serving dozens of files that I don't even know what's it's doing. (Especially when I am not that familiar with jekyll in the first place)

To put it simply, I want slightly more control over my blog and I certainly have better knowledge of JS than anything else (Yes javascript rules the world)

Another reason is that I am just the sort of person who wants to plan everything ahead, be very conservative and not wanting to correct anything afterwards. My previous blog that is built with Beautiful Jekyll doesn't allow me to preview locally (Or rather you can, but it's just annoying to do), which is a very big dealbreaker.

So whether you like it or not, this "new blog" is here to stay :)

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